Title: Koichi Hori

Koichi Hori

Koichi Hori is a professor with department of aeronautics and astronautics, school of engineering, University of Tokyo. His current research interest includes AI technology for supporting human creative activities, cognitive engineering, and AI application in various domains. He received B.Eng, M.Eng, and Dr.Eng. degrees in electronic engineering from the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 1979, 1981, and 1984, respectively. In 1984, he joined National Institute of Japanese Literature, Japan, where he developed AI systems for literature studies. Since 1988, he has been with the University of Tokyo, Japan. From September 1989 to January 1990, he also held a visiting position at University of Compiegne, France. Professor Hori is a member of IEEE, ACM, JSAI, and JCSS.

Author: Koichi Hori





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